About Us
TOP, representing the supreme resources of diversified industries and circles, what we connect with.
PhoeniX, representing the brand core of high-end, diversified and global communication, how we make things work better.
  We are committed to diversified international cultural and commercial exchanges and provide our clients with a high-end international human circle of equality, sharing, learning, exchange and cooperation, aiming at promoting the concept of individuals or industries, image innovation and resource expansion.

      We take international high-end exchanges as the core, commercial wisdom sharing as the purpose, cultivation of elite talents in the industry as the target, integration and interaction of high-quality resources as the meaning, in-depth travel experience as the form, and service creation as the concept. Through high-quality overseas travel inspection activities, sharing salons for successful people, introduction and export of artistic and cultural projects and other ways, we create a high-end channel of international exchanges for clients with dreams.

      Working with us, you can obtain the support of active planning team, firm and reliable networks, the precise connection of target group, international contacts and resources, and the most updated first-hand information acorss industries, and finally achieve greater influence inside and outside the social circle.

Three Core Businesses
Crossover Commercial Exchanges:

Gathering global high-end commercial resources from different industries to create the multi-channel business exchange model.

International Entertainment Communications:

Directing access to the world entertainment center, setting off the cutting-edge fashion trends and creating an international communication stage.

Chinese and Foreign Art Interactions:

Encouraging the win-win development of Chinese and other countries’ cultures, promoting the crossover dialogue and integration, and building a diversified interactive bridge.

Project Standards
High-Endbased on the high-end
resource integration
Specialtysetting up the quality
of industry benchmarks
Opportunitiescreating opportunities
for possibilities
Customizationfocusing on personalized
and unique experience
Scope of Business
Cultural Exchanges
Breaking down the barriers in the cultural circle, promoting crossover communication and cooperation, sharing the charm of different regional culture, building a platform for Chinese culture to go out of the international market and a bridge for foreign culture to be localized, and encouraging multi-cultural win-win development.
Business Interaction
Contacts are wealth. We believe communication creates business opportunities. By our efforts, high-end business resources from all over the world are gathered, including enterprises, communes, business associations, public welfare organizations and other institutions. The introduction and export of business projects are promoted through business exchanges, overseas tourism visits, sharing salons of successful people and other forms.
Tourism Inspection
We offer the package of leisure tourism, industrial inspection, interactive exchange and other high-end experiences. It will meticulously create a unique and unforgettable journey, take clients in-depth understanding of international science and technology, culture, society, entertainment, commerce and other contents, and bring the clients to discover different opportunities and broaden the horizons.
Education & Training
Specially invited heavyweight tutors such as business tycoons, entertainment gold brokers and cultural elites to share the true meaning of life, the key to success and the prediction of the future.
Public Relations & Functions
Senior media experts to provide one-stop promotion and marketing programs at home and abroad; All-media platform, the road to commercial brand and personal success.
Investment & Immigrants
Professional international finance experts will accompany the clients to explore and inspect investment projects with development potential. Senior overseas immigration experts will guide and provide with the most convenient way to emigrate.Assist foreigners to establish business and connections in China.